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2010 2005 2003 2002 This one isn't quite as good since I had to use a flash, but it still came out fairly well. This is a 5 node panorama of the new house my parents bought in France. It used to be a mideval tower, and there are probably still 2 more sub-basements that haven't been dug out yet!

This was the only panorama I was able to take in the village before I got sick. This is what our family calls "The Boules Court" because old men from the village often go there to play boules.

This is my newest panorama technique. I actually built a device so that the focal point of the lens is at the center of rotation. I also have manual controls so that the exposure is the same between shots. I think I have my technique perfected now :) If anyone wants me to do a panorama of something, just tell me.
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